Daniela Hernandez is a Ux Designer & Art Director, 
based in Miami. 

Daniela has always focused her career on branding, appreciating all its unique design details and understanding its potential on and off screen. A travel and people lover, who enjoys mixing traditional and digital media to make powerful user connections. Currently re-designing digital experiences, as UIUX Designer for a transportation team. Together, they are elevating and the way South Florida travels.
Previously Daniela worked in-house at a leading daily deal and wholesale e-commerce, as designer and art director. Where she designed numerous private label brands (for various industries) along with full digital campaigns. She has received  numerous awards from organizations such as Start-Up Weekend, The One CLub for Creativity formly known as ADC and Adobe.
Her clients include Mike’sCigars.com, 1Sale.com, Sarinas, Jpay Inc, Burgerfi International, Arts For Learning, Tamz and others. Daniela recently created @WomenUnwined, a sisterhood for Miami professionals to gather and connect about life.  
Daniela helps businesses and organizations, grow, retain, connect and find purpose. 
Closing the gap between design and technology, one day at a time. 

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